Please help biology project due tomorrow!!!?

Hi I really need these questions answered by someone with a background in biology. My project is due tomorrow and is a big portion of my grade. Just need 5 quick questions answered. THANKS!


1.What kind of enzymes are used in the cattle to produce better quality milk?

2. What is the benefit of using omega-3 fatty acids in milk cows?

3. What is pasteurization and irradiation and is it used in your product?

4.Should one use pesticides and herbicides and how is this factored in
to the health of the cows?

5. Are methods for treating the genetic disease Mad Cow desease tended
to and how is it found early.
This is for an interview, I just need someone with the experience, I already know the answers

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  1. Mary D Says:

    Procrastination…do a project on that.