Please help regarding this heart /bone problem which baffles doctors even after 6 months!!!?

Due to the problem of 70% blockage in two arteries and 90% in the right coronary, a patient underwent an angioplasty in August '06 and one in September '06 .
During the second Angioplasty due to a mispositioned stent the patient began to undergo pericardial cintisis. Sero sanguinous fluid filled in the heart which was drained out by a pericardium tube inserted hastily next to the xiphoid process,the terminal point of the sternum.The tube remained embedded in the heart for 6 days and was removed after all the bleeding stopped.There has been a continuous pain in the chest area in and around the point of insertion of the tube.Drs diagnosed it as pericardial effusion which was rectified through a steroid,Wysilone-20.After 3 months of steroid intake,pain persisted.It would be unbearable at times accompanied by breathlessness,wet fomentation would help a bit.All tests ex:CT Scan,Contra CT,Angioplastic CT,Ultrasound,revealed that pericardial fluid had dried up,stents were correctly positioned and the heart was okay.But a swelling of the bone,lower sternum area was percieved superficially which was accompanied by the eruption of a pus filled boil,which erupted and later subsided.The swelling and pain persist.Painkillers like Endocap SR and Inmicin R help but cause nausea and giddiness.The MRI test has revealed a hetrogenous lesion of the lower part of the sternum showing areas of necrosis and calcification with involvement of adjacent 5th,6th and 7th coastal cartilages with infiltration of overlying muscles guided needle biopsy was done to find the nature of post operative inflamation and the pus cells within.Tissue culture reveals sterile nature of sample with absence of neoplastic cells/lesion.Drs diagnosed post operative inflammation and infection in the sternum area which they say will go away gradually but,the killing pain persists.Can Ayurveda or Yoga help??Please reply urgently(A.S.A.P)

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  1. vegan Says:

    I don't know anything about ayurveda or yoga, but if there is an infection, it seems like antibiotics should be given. If the cultures don't grow anything, it is harder to know which antibiotic to give, but still, they should try a broad-spectrum one and see if there is any improvement. I hope it gets better soon.