POM JUICE/100% Pomegranate-Blueberry juice, health benefits? IF any? What?

I noticed there is no vitamin C in this drink! its mainly sugar, but its seriously expensive and i was curious if their is any health benefits from pomegranate/blueberry juice specifically?

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  1. sugarysharleen Says:

    I loved your Menudo answer. You had me laughing. OK, on to the question, though – great segue there, huh- pomegranates and blueberries are high in antioxidants. They have the highest content of any fruits. I think it's a head-to-head competition, albeit, people don't eat pomegranates in the US very often because they're a pain in the @ss & very messy (very sweet, but a lot of seeds like a tomato… tastes like a tomato/tangerine, too- tomatoes are fruits, too, for scientific purposes)… Blueberries are fantastically easy to grow and just as high in antioxidants. What are these antioxidants? They help with cell regeneration. Most cells in our bodies have high turnover naturally and because of free radicals in the environment, they get damaged… I imagine it's like working at Wal-Mart… being a cell. In any case, antioxidants help cells. That, in turn, helps our bodies stay younger, which leads to overall longevity.