Proof of the effects of vitamin supplements on health?

Hey everyone, I’ve been wondering a long time if vitamin supplements (esp. the One-A-Day multivitamin type or product) has been proven effective (esp. in a double-blind study).
Why, what’s in a vitamin pill that’s not in, say, a can of Coke?

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  1. Kristin Says:

    The sad answer is that there really isn’t any proof. Many studies have failed to show any great benefits of multivitamins. There are even several studies that show that vitamins may be harmful in large quantities. No studies show that multivitamins protect against heart disease, or cancer, or anything else.

    The best evidence is for calcium/vitamin D to prevent osteoporosis, and for pregnant women taking folate to prevent birth defects. After that, evidence for benefit declines significantly.

    Much of the effect that people think they get from vitamins is from the placebo effect. Especially those that insist that vitamins will make your cold shorter or less severe. No significant effect from the vitamins, although a placebo effect was shown.

    Check out the article below… They cite many research articles and examine the evidence for the benefits of vitamins as well as the risks of taking vitamins and the placebo effect.

  2. gwennthered Says:

    I am not sure how to answer this because I don’t know what you are wondering they were effective in accomplishing.

  3. Ace Says:

    The answer is complected but I studied stuff like this in school. Those supplements will only work if you have a vitamin deficiency. Your body will only adsorb as much as it needs. If you have the the proper diet you will not see any change in health.

  4. eloquent Says:

    not much -change your diet instead.

  5. Rayak Says:

    Generally artificial made nutrients are not as well processed by the body as the natural stuff that comes from foods. They do help in cases of deficiencies, as was mentioned, but you really don’t need them because if your diet is good, then you get it all from there. Also because of other things that are mixed in with them during production I personally wouldn’t want take them and seek natural means of getting vitamins into my body, unless I am somehow unable to.
    Although I am not aware of any such studies I’ve seen a couple of documentaries that actually say the opposite of what manufacturer’s of these vitamins claim. Personally I try to do my own research about issues like this one but sometimes documentaries make valid points as well.

  6. mdGreg Says:

    No Positive Effects, Unless One is Vitamin Deficient, Well-Known Are the Detrimental Effects of Hypervitamintosis (Sp?) (Particularly the Fat-Soluble Ones). About Bayer (One a Day), they Are Pushing Ginkgo, About Ginkgo:$=relatedreviews&logdbfrom=pubmed

    EDIT: Kristen, I Overlooked Folate and Vit. D.

    EDIT: Of Interest:

  7. Mark Says:

    Your body is unable to manufacture vitamins and we must get them from the food we eat.

    Unfortunately, many people (including myself for years) are unaware that the USDA has documented about a 25% reduction in micronutrient content in over 25 fruits/vegetables over the past 40 years – including the loss of 100% of the vitamin A in potatoes. So we wonder why we have immune system breakdowns where cancer is up from affecting 2% of the population (1940) to over 30% now, etc…

    There’s video PROOF of these nutrient losses documented in a short video and the AMA went on record (due to these documented losses) in 2002 and stated that it appears prudent for all adults to consume a multi-vitamin. I didn’t know about much of this until,…

    My son got ill and the doctors offered "no hope" my wife and I went looking. We found some un-advertised tips and videos that helped our whole family. We didn’t know that synthetic vitamins are the most popular type and that according to medical research you can find at these common vitamins lack bioavailability – they can’t be readily absorbed by the body.

    Here’s the "common sense" lowdown that I was completely unaware of – I used to buy Centrum vitamins at Walmart, but no more (my wife and I discovered this during our son’s health ordeal by attending NEW, Continuing Medical Education classes for doctors, nurses, etc.) Your body was designed to get it’s vitamins and minerals from natural, plant-based sources. A synthetic vitamin is not "recognized" by the body because it isn’t natural – MANY say on the label "take with food" or "don’t take on an empty stomach" (CHECK YOURS) proving that the body may have a "hard time" with this NON-Food.

    Plant-based vitamins are created to give us vitamins (that are documented missing from MANY foods today) and give them to us in the natural way we were designed to uptake them – in plant-based/food form.

    There are double-blind placebo studies available for key natural products and if you choose to check out the free resources below, I will gladly provide links to this research data.

    My Sincere Best Wishes To You!