Question for doctors – Difference between drugs of anxiety & depression.?

When i study about DEPRESSION, what actually occure in patient is the low level of serotonine and dopamine neurotransmitters and they have LOW brain activity, so the way the patient should be treated is to be given by ANTI-DEPRESSANTS or stimulants like Tricyclic, Heterocyclic, SSRI or MAO inhibitor to increase the brain activity.

While for ANXIETY, because of the INCREASING of the adrenergic neurotransmitters and brain activity, we should give the patient the GABA-ergic drugs so it can INHIBIT the hyperactivity of the human brain.
But a lot of phycisian out there conclude that both of them as the same group disorder while the drugs patient should use are totally different.
Why they make it as two similar disorder, while i think they are very DIFFERENT? (Help this desperate medical student soon…

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  1. Mogsy Says:

    Although the symptoms of anxiety and depression are very different, they do tend to go together, as one sets off the other. The drugs needed are different – also depending on the cause of depression. It can be circumstantial, or chemical. Many sufferers (myself included) have symptoms of both depression and anxiety so need medication to treat both disorders