Questions regarding a TIA I had three days ago…..?

I just got out of the hospital after having a T.I.A. (Under tx. for hight B.P cholesterol for several years.. heart cath 3 yrs.ago shows mild/moderate plaque in coronary arteries, with 2 very slight right coronory artery aneurisms).BP on admisssion was 230/135 with symptoms of significant confusion, loss of balance, difficulty speaking ( not slurred speach…but delayed speach with studder and hesitation) unable to type (the letters were gibberish) unable to write and severe chills that evolved into full body shakes. The symtoms lasted for several hours, all of them resolving throughout the morning except for the issue with my speach.

They initially did a CT Scan which was normal. They also did a carotid echo, heart echo and MRI…all negative. They gave the "probable diagnosis" of TIA, increased my blood pressure,meds and discharged me…to be seen by my regular Dr. next week.

Is it normal to still be having problems with my speech 3 days later?

Thanks !

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  1. NB Says:

    A TIA is a term used for someone who has not had a stroke but had signs and symptoms that went away. Usually due to a slightly obstructed carotid artery in your neck that leads to the brain.Your symptoms of speech is a sign of stroke… especially since a TIA is usually a precursor to an actual stroke. Some people have a TIA then a couple days latter have an actual stroke or CVA. Sometimes they have a stroke years latter. It all depends on the person. You need to be reevaluated. Call your Doctor immediately and tell him/her that you are still having issues. If you cant get a hold of the doctor go to the ER. I know you don't want to go back to the hospital but you should have been more informed at discharge and also given signs and symptoms to report immediately if they should arise. They didn't inform you they way they should have. It aggravates me very much!!! I hope you get the answers you need and I wish you luck with your health.