Should I worry about calcification?

I recently had a CT scan done of the abdomen, and the observations said that I had "minimal calcification in the aortic artery". The radiologist and ER docs said this was nothing to worry about, but the cardiologist sounded rather concerned. Any thoughts? (I am 37, nonsmoker (quit), have good cholesterol, but probably ate poorly as a child/teen.)

2 Responses to “Should I worry about calcification?”

  1. ckm1956 Says:

    Worry, no.

    It does imply that you may have hardening of the arteries developing in the heart and/or legs.

    Eat healthy, exercise, don't restart smoking, and see your family doctor once a year. That's the best way to minimize the chance of problems.

  2. boss302 Says:

    honestly. anything is possible. i have several people in my family who have had cancer. and know several who had scared but did not. just keep up on check ups and test if nessisary. good luck. dont stress about it.