SilverHawk Procedure Artery Plaque Removal

Dr Guy Mayeda of Good Samaritan Hospital talks about the benefits of the Silverhawk Device for removal of plaque in artery walls. This video is provided as a non-profit service of Imago Film Productions and Good Samaritan Hospital Los Angeles.

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5 Responses to “SilverHawk Procedure Artery Plaque Removal”

  1. foxnews345 Says:

    Excellent information on very innovative procedure. This procedure has made a tremendous difference in my life!

  2. ib422000 Says:

    Just had mine yesterday. Thanks for this information. Looking forward to walking without pain again.

  3. jay733 Says:

    hey how it go? was there a difference you felt or what’s the deal with that, wondering if this stuff works or not.

  4. HDNKR Says:

    Silver Hawk is the best device and the best procedure if you have peripheral vascular disease.

  5. CreedChrist Says:

    yea, its called an Atherectomy. They have many different tools for it now. SOme pulverize it, others do incision and then vacumes it up.