some1 help! i fnd myslf makin stupid blunders and i tend nt 2 notic details.wht cn i do 2 pep up my mind/brain

It seems as if im losing grasp over my mind. Concentrating is sometimes hard, i make stupid omissions, i tend not to see details. it generally seems as if i'm half awake most of the time. Do anybody know what i can do to pep up my mind because i generally feel im not fully aware, awake or energetic enough and this is why my mind seems to be dwindling. I read Coffee helps, but when i drink coffee, i feel more sleepy so the coffee option is out of it. So if you have a knowledge of any stimulant i could use, i will be glad. Thanx

7 Responses to “some1 help! i fnd myslf makin stupid blunders and i tend nt 2 notic details.wht cn i do 2 pep up my mind/brain”

  1. Sandra Dee Says:

    you need to be seen by a doctor for this.
    take care.

  2. anonymously~answered Says:

    Don't take a med recommendation from anyone on this website. A doctor would be the one to diagnose the symptoms and ask questions to give you options of what might work. It could be a bit of A.D.D. though. That is my guess!

  3. startrektosnewenterpriselovethem Says:

    You might need medical help check with your doctor and maybe with a psychiatrist. Some simple medications can help this.
    Also are you getting enough sleep?

  4. dbuitt22 Says:

    Go to your Dr. and tell him/her what is going on and be honest with him/her and see if he can suggest some help for you.

  5. ss Says:

    I felt that way nearly my whole life and finally went to the dr….I was diagnosed with ADD….I am now feeling more alert, aware, and able due to the meds. Caffeine is definatly a relaxant for me as well, which is supposedly a sign of ADD. I would get in to the doc and see like everyone else is tellin' ya!!!

  6. EDW Says:

    Seek medical advice RIGHT AWAY. Be sure you are 100% honest with your physician about any medications, drugs, alcolhol you are taking. GOOD LUCK.

  7. visando2757 Says:

    Why go to another brother to ask for help when you can go straight to your Father, the Creator. He created you, don't you not think that He could fix you?