effect of psycho stimulants on regions of the brain?... - view answer

How amphetamine and cocaine affect specific regions of the brain,i.e: caudate putamen, hippocampus,nucleus accubens Other Related Health Sites 2008 Nucleus 3D Medical Animation Demo Reel | MMHC | MultiMedia HealthCare […]

Went to see the shrink today. I’m a little concerned?... - view answer

We were talking about my amphetamine abuse, and I mentioned to him my auditory hallucinations, dizziness, and occasional seperation from reality as well as my apparent split personality. He asked […]

How effective is pseudoephedrine (or ephedrine) at crossing the blood-brain barrier?... - view answer

The wikipedia article on ephedrine states ephedrine does cross the blood-brain barrier (BBB), but not as effectively as the less polar phenylethylamine, methylamphetamine. I would like to know specifically how […]