what is acai berry and how it is good for health?... - view answer

what is acai berry and what are the benefit

What is the evolutionary purpose of plaque buildup in the arteries?... - view answer

How would plaque buildup in the arteries have acted as a selection pressure if the diets back when humans were evolving so different? And why would it be so widespread […]

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Did you know red meat is exactly what your heart needs. WHY would anyone recommend not eating it? Did you know your heart NEEDS nutrient dense food and guess what? […]

Genetically modyfying milk: Can someone answer five quick questions?... - view answer

I am a high school student doing a biology project on genetic engineering with milk and livestock and I was wondering if I could get an interview. Thanks a lot. […]

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Hi I really need these questions answered by someone with a background in biology. My project is due tomorrow and is a big portion of my grade. Just need 5 […]

Just a few questions Im having trouble with in my nutrition class.?... - view answer

Explain the relationship of saturated fat and trans fat to health. Explain the process of lipid digestion and absorption. Explain the benefit of eating Omega 3 fatty acids. Serious answers […]

What is the treatment of Heart Attack?... - view answer

Special treatments to open up your arteries Once your heart attack is diagnosed, your treatment begins immediately — possibly right in the ambulance or emergency department. Medications>>>>>>>>>thrombolytic medications are used […]