does drinking Pom Wonderful has the same health benefits as drinking a home made squeezed Pomegranate Juice?... - view answer

i know that Pomegranates are very healthy, and have like a billion health benefits, but does drinking the "100% Pom Juice" has the same effects on the body? same anti-oxidants? […]

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I’ve looked on Google everywhere, typing every key word I can think of, but all I get are bands and stimulant trip reports. Sometimes while listening to music, I can […]

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I am planning on drinking alcohol for the first time in my life (honestly) to overcome depression of being single and ugly. I have never tasted alcohol ever in my […]

Why when I took ritalin it acted more like a tranquiliser than a stimulant?... - view answer

When taking the drug I felt drowsy and more sleepy than normal. It was as if my brain had been slowed right down. This was prescribed by a dr after […]

Calcification of the Arteries leading to the bran.?... - view answer

My husband went to the chiropractor yesterday and after taking xrays of his upper back and neck the Dr said there was calcification in the arteries leading to his brain. […]

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We were talking about my amphetamine abuse, and I mentioned to him my auditory hallucinations, dizziness, and occasional seperation from reality as well as my apparent split personality. He asked […]

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I am always fidgeting during the day and when I go to bed it doesn't change. I roll around and tap my foot on the edge of the bed. I […]

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it slows down your body but it stimulates your brain. im

help please please?... - view answer

i have been taking this medication since i could remember, focalin its also called Dexmethylphenidate its a brain and nerve stimulant(its for ADD or ADHD) i looked at the side […]

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i’ve been looking all over to see what a typical overdose would be and i can’t find it. i read an article about some high school students who took almost […]

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Can somebody please tell me the benefits of healthy foods, for example Omega 3 fatty acids help develop the brain. Like that, no answers like: they make you healthy, I […]

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My 11 year old son was dx with ADHD when he was about 7-8 years old. When have been through two medications. One that made him so dopey that he […]