Atherosclerosis – Cardiovascular Disease.?... - view answer

—————————– Atherosclerosis is a disease affecting arterial blood vessels. It is a chronic inflammatory response in the walls of arteries, in large part due to the accumulation of macrophage white […]

Would the following factors @ 37wk of pregnancy drive you into considering a C – Section?? Please help?... - view answer

Despite normal umbilical artery and fetal MCA doppler study & normal liquor amount, we are facing: 1. A difference of 4 weeks in FL dimensions (BPD 38wk while FL is […]

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My aunt had an agioplasty in which two blockages were found in her heart. She was told that neither was "fixed" because it would not make sense to remove the […]

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My mom was told the swolen areas on either side of her neck/shoulders are caused by calcification of her veins. Is that like hardening of the arteries? She has Lupus […]

Calcification of the Arteries leading to the bran.?... - view answer

My husband went to the chiropractor yesterday and after taking xrays of his upper back and neck the Dr said there was calcification in the arteries leading to his brain. […]

Please help regarding this heart /bone problem which baffles doctors even after 6 months!!!?... - view answer

Due to the problem of 70% blockage in two arteries and 90% in the right coronary, a patient underwent an angioplasty in August '06 and one in September '06 . […]

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I have noticed a local hospital advertising a fairly inexpensive test to find heart disease early, before a person has a heart attack. To quote the advertisement: “The HEART TEST […]

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My dad suffered a major heart attack in the last week of Aug 2008. He underwent angioplasty and was in hospital for almost 12 days. As per the doctor, it […]

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Hi every one, all of us know that calcium is good for bones. but I've heard that carbonated calcium causes calcification and blockage in arteries but bi carbonated calcium is […]

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My posterior longitudinal ligament tore away from several cervical spine vertebrae 10 years after I was mildly electrocuted by a dangerous refrigerator. I had first developed poor blood distribution around […]

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Excerpt from article on risk of heart attacks increasing with bigger bellies. "They looked specifically at atherosclerosis, a systemic thickening and calcification of artery blood vessel walls due to a […]

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My chiropractor showed me xrays and said that I had calcification around my arteries or by them. I tried to get him to explain but I still didn't get it. […]