Do you realize that cholesterol DOES cause heart disease?... - view answer

Lots of data is available. But the facts are that high cholesterol is a contributing factor in heart disease. The connection was first noted by the Framingham study. Then you […]

pt. 2 please help with h.w on health conserns?... - view answer

People can have a high cholesterol level even if they have a healthy diet. true or false plaque, etc. develops in the center of the coronary arteries, not in the […]

Can somebody please (10) points tell me what is wrong with my abstract?... - view answer

My teacher is having a fit. Abstract Coronary heart disease is a cardiovascular ailment considered to be a complex of diseases of varied etiology. A primary factor that initiates a […]

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My topic is treatment for Heart Disease and it is 200 words can anybody tell me how to do this? My teacher said this was wrong-Abstract Abstract Coronary heart disease […]