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I am planning on drinking alcohol for the first time in my life (honestly) to overcome depression of being single and ugly. I have never tasted alcohol ever in my […]

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I think I’ve put myself into a slight state of psychosis thorugh the supplemntation of many supplements, herbs, stimulants and pills taken over the past year to help depression and […]

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When i study about DEPRESSION, what actually occure in patient is the low level of serotonine and dopamine neurotransmitters and they have LOW brain activity, so the way the patient […]

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i have been taking this medication since i could remember, focalin its also called Dexmethylphenidate its a brain and nerve stimulant(its for ADD or ADHD) i looked at the side […]

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I have been taking adderall for about 4 years now and have also been battling with depression as well. My doctor has recently put me on Lexapro, and I feel […]

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Anybody got benefit from taking MAXEPA (Omega 3 fatty acids)? Any evidence/experience of it in the use of Bipolar, GAD, OCD & Depression? Any double blind placebo controlled trails done? […]

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Disclaimer: I'm not referring to the overdrugging of children. I do believe that too many children are labelled ADD just so their parents won't have to deal with them and […]

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Someone on YA said that Omega 3 fatty acids produces and increases serotonin in our brain and has other benefits that help us against depression and mood swings. They also […]