high blood pressure, can someone check?... - view answer

is this better High blood pressure affects many areas of the body and can be extremely harmful to the heart. High blood pressure is a main reason for heart attacks. […]

Can Plavix dissolve a calcified blockage in a cardiac artery?... - view answer

My aunt had an agioplasty in which two blockages were found in her heart. She was told that neither was "fixed" because it would not make sense to remove the […]

Why do they say stress is a factor of a heart attack?... - view answer

We know that if a piece of plaque blocks one of the coronary arteries it can cause a heart attack. Why does however a factor here? Does it constrict the […]

What happens to plaque that has “broken off” inside your arteries if it never ends up causing a clot or stroke?... - view answer

do your kidneys filter it out? my reason for asking is, wouldn’t routine periods of smoking, high sodium intake, and stress be preventative maintenance toward a large piece of plaque […]

High blood pressure, is this information correct?... - view answer

also if anyone wants to edit it or help me with a concluding sentence that can lead into how it causes heart failure High blood pressure affects many areas of […]

What is the treatment of Heart Attack?... - view answer

Special treatments to open up your arteries Once your heart attack is diagnosed, your treatment begins immediately — possibly right in the ambulance or emergency department. Medications>>>>>>>>>thrombolytic medications are used […]

pt. 2 please help with h.w on health conserns?... - view answer

People can have a high cholesterol level even if they have a healthy diet. true or false plaque, etc. develops in the center of the coronary arteries, not in the […]

Is the heart test to detect calcium deposits worthwhile?... - view answer

I have noticed a local hospital advertising a fairly inexpensive test to find heart disease early, before a person has a heart attack. To quote the advertisement: “The HEART TEST […]

How risky is LVEF of 32% after heart attack?... - view answer

My dad suffered a major heart attack in the last week of Aug 2008. He underwent angioplasty and was in hospital for almost 12 days. As per the doctor, it […]

Do breathing excersises help clogged coronary arteries ?... - view answer

I have recently recovered from a heart attack. The angiogram revealed three blocked arteries.By pass surgery is ruled out in view of my past medical history. Is there anything that […]