How do you "clean" out your arteries? Remove the plaque from the walls???... - view answer

Without excersize, or medication? Any natural ways? Other Related Health Sites The Dangers Of Omeprazole Medication | Omeprazole Side Effects Finding the Right Depression Medication | Help for Depression – […]

Can Plavix dissolve a calcified blockage in a cardiac artery?... - view answer

My aunt had an agioplasty in which two blockages were found in her heart. She was told that neither was "fixed" because it would not make sense to remove the […]

What is calcification of veins? Any remedies? Does this mean that all of the veins calcify?... - view answer

My mom was told the swolen areas on either side of her neck/shoulders are caused by calcification of her veins. Is that like hardening of the arteries? She has Lupus […]

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I have pretty bad acid reflux (I am a teenager), and here is the story (if there is anything else you need to know about it, let me know): I […]

help please please?... - view answer

i have been taking this medication since i could remember, focalin its also called Dexmethylphenidate its a brain and nerve stimulant(its for ADD or ADHD) i looked at the side […]

What is the treatment of Heart Attack?... - view answer

Special treatments to open up your arteries Once your heart attack is diagnosed, your treatment begins immediately — possibly right in the ambulance or emergency department. Medications>>>>>>>>>thrombolytic medications are used […]

What stimulates the brain besides caffeine, nicotine, stimulants, endorphins, and anti-depressants?... - view answer

It can be a side effect of another medication. I need help waking up in the morning.