How does Ritalin affect the brain, specifically?... - view answer

Methylphenidate (commonly prescribed under the name Ritalin), acts as a CNS stimulant, but where specifically? What happens. I need sources to use in my research paper. thanks!

To inform you about Ritalin?... - view answer

Scott Gregorio Zuniga Ann M Stotts; Instructor English Composition 8/08/08 RITALIN IS NOT THE MIRACLE DRUG Being diagnose with ADHD, in the early 80’s I was prescribed a medication known […]

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i’ve been looking all over to see what a typical overdose would be and i can’t find it. i read an article about some high school students who took almost […]

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I have ADHD, and I have heard that most ADHD medications are actually stimulants. How is it possible that a stimulant could calm me down? What happens in my brain […]

stimulants (like caffeine, ritalin) make me sleepy! what is wrong with me?... - view answer

hello, after I drink coffee, I have to take a nap! I know it sounds weird, but it's unfortunately true 🙁 Once I bought an energy drink and instead of […]

I’ve heard that taking stimulants and depressants together can really do a number on your brain, is this true?... - view answer

Recently a friend gave me a mild dose of ritalin to help me study for my final math exam, and a couple days afterwards i tried a mild despressant at […]