What am I? A fishy issue!?

Okay! This is how it is:

I don't eat eggs.

I don't eat dairy.

I don't eat any meat!

PLUS I don't drink alcohol, caffeine, smoke nicotine, or take any mind/mood altering drugs (not that I'm really against it, I just don't want it in my body)

But this is the problem! I take "Fish Oil" for the DHA/EPA Omega 3 Fatty Acids! Mainly because of my bipolar disorder and also other health benefits.

Someone told me that just because of that, I don't have the right to call myself vegetarian, and this was told to me by someone who ate eggs and dairy!

What am I then?

I'm confused!
But according to Wikipedia:

15 grams of flax seed oil provides 8 grams of ALA, which is converted in the body to EPA and then DHA at an efficiency of 2–15% and 2–5%, respectively.


One Response to “What am I? A fishy issue!?”

  1. Kid B Says:

    Technically you're a pescatarian. But as you don't eat dairy, I think you deserve your own category.

    I hereby declare you the world's first pescegan. May many more follow in your wake.