What are key vitamin supplements to take for everyday health inside and out?

I have been taking Omega 3 and Calcium supplements everyday. I was wondering what others could provide me to feel healthier naturally and maybe help me in my daily performances.

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  1. eastwoodelvis Says:

    I also take Omega 3 . You may need to take iron but that depends on your diet i.e if your a vegatarian.. Most other Vits are already present in a stable diet but some people top up with vits A ,C and D ..

  2. buschgardens Says:

    The You Diet will tell you what's helpful to take. It talks about taking multivitamins. But take half in the morning and half in the evening. 500 mg of Cinnamon in the morning and 500 mg in the evening. The book can tell you more.

  3. AGENT_99 Says:


    Whatever….Anyway, get a vitamin that is based on your age and activity level. If you are in your 20's or 30's get a vitamin supplement for someone who is very active. If you are mature, in your 40's or 50's take a vitamin supplement that takes into account the changes of your body. In either case still take the calcium and Omega 3. Maybe add Vit D, as lately that has been looked at and higher doses are good for you.

  4. smarty pants Says:

    It's good that you take calcium and omega 3's. To help you out, I'd need to know what you MEAN when you say you want to feel healthier…and what your daily performances are.

    I have noticed that there are many aspects to consider before knowing what you best regimen will be.

    For instance, I often feel tired and sickly. So, I started taking B, iron (as needed-check the redness level inside your eyelid) um- if it's pink or white- you may need iron…
    Sometimes we get dehydrated and don't even know it, so electrolytes are important (eat dill pickles or drink a gatorade), and sometimes if we've had too many carbs, taking cinnamon pills can actually lower that for you.
    If you're blood glucose is too low or just plain haywire, oats in the am can help temendously with that.

    So you just have to be more clear on what your symptoms are.