What are the benefits of taking Omega-Berry 3 Fish Oil?

I have heard good things about Omega 3 fatty acids and I am just wondering what are the health benefits from taking this vitamin supplement and if anyone knows the price range of a bottle of it? Thanks in advanced!

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  1. alexandra m Says:

    Fish Oil – Health Benefits

    Fish oil high in omega3 fatty acids has been shown by several research studies to have many health benefits. These can include:

    Cholesterol/ Cardiovascular Disease

    Research has shown that omega3 fatty acids from fish oil help to remove the ‘stickiness’ of blood cells, reducing the chances for it to clot and prevent the heart from beating irregularly.

    By stopping platelets from clustering together the coronary artieris are pretected from being damaged. The omega3s from fish oil can also help to reduce the risk for angina through the reduction of high blood pressure, the lowering of triglyceride levels and the reduction of high blood pressure.

    This, in itself provides a strong case for adding omega3 fish oil to our diets!

    Arthritis and other Inflamatory Diseases

    Both osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis have been shown to respond to an increase in intake of omega3 based fish oils. According to research published in the highly respected medical journal The Lancet, patients with rheumatoid arthritis respond particularly well to fish oil supplementation. Fish oils can significantly decrease pro-inflammatory compound production which can lead to a decrease in joint stiffness and pain.

    Other research has been able to show a direct link between the onset of arthritis and a deficiency in omega3 fatty acid levels in the body.

    The Arthritis Council and the Arthritis Research Council in the UK both strongly recommend omega3 fatty acid supplementation from fish oil or other oils such as flax.

    Healthy Pregnancy

    It is widely accepted that a woman’s nutritional needs change when she becomes pregnant. This includes both an increase, as well as a decrease of certain foods, drinks and supplements. While we all know that an increase in nutrients during this time is beneficial, however, just as an increase in certain nutrients can support fetal development, deficiency of a number of nutrients can lead to birth defects or complications.

    Essential Fatty Acids (omega3 and omega6) in the correct ratio and quantifty can offer exceptional benefits in terms of fetal development, the health of the mother-to-be and the health of the baby after being born.

    Menstrual Cramps

    According to the San Diego State University Health Centre, 10% of the 37.5 million menstruating women in the US can become completely incapacitated by menstrual pain and research from the University of California states that 42 million women in the US suffer from menstrual pain in total.

    Research studies are now showing a strong correlation between the levels of omega3 in the diet and the level of menstrual pain experienced. One particular study undertaken in Denmark has shown that fish oils can result in a dramatic reduction in menstrual pain as the omega3 fatty acids effectively reduce pain and cramps are relieved by the relative amounts of omega6 as found in most fish oil supplements.

    Mental Disorders

    New research has again shown that a diet rich in omega3 fatty acids can effectively treat and prevent depression and other mental disorders. The research, published in issue 15 of the journal Biological Psychiatryhas actually shown that omega3 fatty acids and foods that are high in uridine were as good as (and often better than) different anti-depressant drugs in reducing the symptoms of depression.

    A high-profile article in 1999, published by the Harvard University, put omega3 fish oil in the mental health limelight by offering solid proof that fish oil could significantly reduce the effects of bipolar disorders. Individuals who had been condemned to years of high-strength, high-risk pharmaceuticals began to switch to courses of omega3 supplementation.

    Skin Conditions

    Omega3 rich fish oils are highly effective in releiving the symptoms of, and preventing, skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis and lupus. Omega3 fatty acids are highly effective at contolling inflammation and have been shown to improve the condition of skin, hair and nails generally.

    Similarly to with arthritis, in many studies these conditions correlate with an omega3 deficiency. Studies also suggest that individuals who are supplementiing their diet with omega3 fish oil can see measurable improvements in as little as one-month.

    Raynaud’s Disease

    Fish oils can help to delay the onset of the numbness, tingling and other symptoms of Raynaud’s disease. Omega3’s help particularly by inhibiting the inflamation of vessels. The benefits as outlined above, with regards to cardiovascular disease, can also be very beneficial to those suffering from Raynaud’s i.e. the benefits of omega3 in improving circulation of the blood can help to improve tolerance to cold etc.

    Folic acid, vitamin B6 and magnesium are also reputed to benefit those with Raynaud’s.

    Alzheimer’s Disease

    Fish oils and omega3 in general has been proven to have a positive effect on those suffering from Alzheimer’s disease and can be hig