What are the best supplements for great health?

I am currently taking glucosamine for my knees, centrum for a to zinc and liquid chlorophyll for its energy and vitality benefits.

What do you take and why?

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  1. Lyn Says:

    I take a multivitamin, brewer's yeast as a protein supplement and the occasional vitamin B complex for stress. If I am feeling particularly yucky I add some spirulina. Good health!

  2. Prassoon Says:

    Please take Aloe Vera gel known for its benefits from ancient times in joint problems.
    Forever Freedom which is combo of Aloe, Glucosamine, MSM and Vit C. Aloe have the ability to carry glucosamine to joints.
    It is available in more than 120 countries thru Company's Special counters.
    You may email me for your country location and other things you may need for purchasing

  3. Lucinda G Says:

    Hi I use the formula2 multi vitamins, something called garden 7 as I dont eat enough fruit and veg each day, for my joints I use joint support (its awesome) and I use something to simulate my digestinal tract each day called cell activator. I alos take in some protein each day in the form of a shake. I hope I dont jinx myself but I havent missed a days work in over ten years and I feel in great shape. I get my products from myhealthabcmall.com and the guys who work there give great advice and support. I have been sing them for a long time now and will be to make sure I stay healthy. Lucy

  4. The-MLM-Guy Says:

    If your looking for health supplements, visit : http://www.mlm-juice-reviews.com .

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