What are the health benefits of eating RAW almonds?

I looooove all kinds of nuts, especially almonds. I eat lots of them and wondering what the health benefits of eating them are.

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  1. heynat Says:

    From what I've read, are good for brain function, and they provide the body with "healthy fats". But beware of eating TOO many; my girlfriend in college went from a size FIVE to a size SEVEN in 2 months just eating peanuts regularly at the place she worked at. My health guru mentioned you only need a few, at least as far as ALMONDS are concerned. And because almonds are so hard, the very best way to eat them raw is by soaking them in water overnight, then eating the next day when they are nice and easy to chew. the body assimilates their nutrients well this way and they are digested quicker. Almonds, like many nuts, contain Argenine, that has been known to trigger herpes outbreaks in some people suffering from herpes, though this same nutrient is actually good for the rest of us. Also, some blood types are advised to avoid Almonds (like me, an AB negative), though they don't do major harm–just a mild allergic response (see the book "Eat For Your Blood Type"). I hope this helped you.

  2. michael m Says:

    Terrific question. More later.