What are the long-term and short-term advantages/disadvantages of drinking alkaline water?

Will drinking alkaline water help in controlling diabetes,retinopathy, pyelonephritis, UTI and calcification of arteries? Will it do any harm to a person having these diseases/

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  1. Mazher Says:

    As you no doubt know if you suffer from Diabetes, there are two main categories of Diabetes:

    Type 1 diabetes, also called Insulin-Dependent Diabetes usually occurs in young people and is the second most common chronic disease in children (after asthma). In this condition the pancreas produces a minimal amount of insulin and daily injections are needed to make up the deficit.

    Type 2 diabetes, also called Adult-Onset Diabetes, has historically occurred almost exclusively in adults and is generally triggered by dietary habits which continuously spike the blood sugar and finally exhaust the pancreas.

    But here is the shocking reality of the recent outcome of our children's lifestyle and dietary habits: Children of ages of 15 to 19 years are now the fastest growing group to contract this disease.

    Type 2 diabetes now accounts for ninety percent of all diabetes cases and is the fastest-growing disease in North America… but it doesn't need to be like this!

    But here's another shocking reality. Type 2 is not only preventable it has been shown to be completely reversible in many, many cases using completely natural means without drugs. That's right… alkaline ionized water, the right diet, exercise and a healthy balanced lifestyle can generate remarkable reversals in this condition in a very short time.

    Many scientists are now of the opinion that not only is Type II Diabetes controllable but is reversible without drugs. Inadequate hydration and an acid pH balance in the body, coupled with free radical damage, are now considered major culprits in the growth of diabetes.

    Clinical trials of diabetic patients were run in a Korean hospital and reported by MBC TV in a program called the "Truth about Water of Life". The patients were divided into two groups, one group continued with their usual insulin protocol while the second group, ceased their insulin injections and instead drank only ionized alkaline water.

    Dr Won H. Kim whose background includes a doctorate from Oxford University in biochemistry is a Professor at the Medical School at Yonsei University, Seoul, South Korea. In his book "Water of Life" he reports as follows on the above trials: "in less than one month the blood sugar level of the group drinking alkaline water had amazingly decreased in contrast to that of the insulin-injection group. Daily fluctuations in blood sugar continued to occur in the case of the insulin group, while those drinking the alkaline water maintained remarkably stable levels."

    This result is quite extraordinary!

    Ordinary tap water can be run through an alkaline water ionizer and produce both short term and long term relief for diabetes sufferers. And this ionized water is rich in negative ions which act as a powerful anti-oxidant to neutralize the hordes of free radicals in our bodies.

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