What are these full body rushing sensations I feel while listening to music?

I’ve looked on Google everywhere, typing every key word I can think of, but all I get are bands and stimulant trip reports. Sometimes while listening to music, I can feel a small connection made in my brain followed by a full body euphoric rush which feels amazing, like I’m completely immersed in the vibe of the music. Feels like half a shiver, half a blood rush, its warm and euphoric, but not hot or sweat inducing. I can’t find anyone that describes something similar. Feels the same as the rushes I get while on ecstasy, but only I’m completely sober. It’s obviously some normal thing, I just thought it would be more easy to find information about bodily sensations on Google.

Any info/help appreciated
I know all these possibilities, was thinking more of scientific explanations.

4 Responses to “What are these full body rushing sensations I feel while listening to music?”

  1. Danny Boy Says:

    I know what you mean, you might call it inner peace or a trance

  2. Duke B Says:

    Yeah thats called a good song…. there is a reason EVERYONE likes music you know

  3. Alex Says:

    It’s either an orgasm or a flashback.

    I’m going to assume you can distinguish it from an orgasm and say it’s probably a flash back.

    Sometimes familiar sights and sounds can trigger a vivid recollection of previous drug experiences. You can find more information on flashbacks elsewhere on the web.

  4. Rogers Says: