What do you feel are the best joint health supplements on the market?

I am 58 year old I love to play tennis, swim, and walk around the neighborhood for fun. Unfortunately, I have found that my knee and elbow have been hurting, and I am looking for something that will help my joints. Can anyone recommend something for me?


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  1. Michael G Says:

    Anyone with a combination of omega, MSM, grape skin and grape seed extract, chondroitin and glucosamine. A friend of mine told me about Glucosamine Formula. You can get more information about it http://www.symmetrydirect.com/bdaley

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  2. Bethy Says:

    There are two issues here.
    1. It sounds like due to the awesome level of activity you maintain, you may be causing inflammation in or around your joints. In this case an anti inflammatory is an easy solution to discomfort. MSM is cheap, effective and safe. There are also natural anti inflammatories that you should be able to find out about at your local health food shop, etc.
    2. You could also be low on joint fluid, causing grinding of the joint plates, and pain. In this case, often doctors prescribe cortisone injections or the like. Instead of such an aggresive treatment, you can take HA (Hylauronic acid) in an oral gel or liquid form. This is the same stuff they use in Restalyn, and is also extremely safe, basically tasteless and odorless. It is more expensive.

    Generally if the problem is surrounding the joint you can take a pill, powder or capsule, but if the problem is within the joint, you need to look for liquid or gel forms of the item in question for effective delivery.

  3. justmy Says:

    Hi there,all i know from my grandma' is that.She used o book whit special skills and exercise,in 10 weeks time she rune's again next to my 5 years old brother,and that makes my happy!enjoy it


  4. Sarah M Says:

    I just came across a recent thread about a joint product here: http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index;_ylt=Aql5YULJ3gFR.WPZwubB3NQjzKIX;_ylv=3?qid=20090227030700AAHVSBK