What do you know about Mona Vie biz opportunity?

I know, it is network marketing. Sounds good. Their acai berry is not that uncommon to get outside of MonaVie except they just created a bus. out of this. Does it really have health benefits? I am afraid I would end up with lots inventory that I can not get rid of. Any expereinces?

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  1. happy with mona vie Says:

    I have had a great experience with Mona Vie. It has given my energy, helped me with my digestion, and my allergies have not been as bad as they normally are. My husband drinks the active and he can actually sleep at night with no shoulder pain. He has had 3 rotator cuff surgeries on them. My friend who has Parkinsons has noticed a tremendous effect on his shaking. After 3 months his shaking was not near as bad.

    Yes you are right acai can be found in many different formats. What you have to ask yourself is what kind of acai am I getting?
    The acai berry contains the following benefical nutrients:
    Amino Acids
    and Trace Minerals
    Studies have also shown that freeze-dried acai powder boasts antioxident capacity more than 15 times higher than blueberries and more than 20 times higher than raspberries. Mona Vie has filed a patent on freeze drying the acai into a powder. The process to make the freeze-dried powder is the most effective method of ensuring the nutrient content and antioxidant activity of the acai berry.

    Both freeze drying and freezing acai berries maintains 100% of their phytonutrient content. Other processing methods, such as air drying and spray drying sometimes used by other companies diminish the phytonutient content of the berry by as much as 55-70%

    The Mona Vie pledge to quality does not allow for the introduction of low quality acai berries into its product. What this means for you is that you know what you are getting.

    Some companies also clarify their products.This can take away some other nutrients. Some may also take out the pulp. Mona Vie leaves these in, which is where a lot of the fatty acids are. These are good for you.

    As for the inventory, you are not buying Mona Vie to sell it. You are buying Mona Vie for you. The philophosy is to Drink It! Feel It! Share It!
    You only buy what you need for you, buy what you want when you want it. Yes you can sign up for Mona Vie to come automatically but you can change or cancel that at any time. Once you feel the change that Mona Vie is making in your life, then you will want to tell everybody you know what a difference it has made for you.

    If you haven’t already done so, you can check out their website, or you can email me at bergmans@pine-net.com
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