What foods are good to eat for health on a daily basis and why? (please read details)

How many nuts is one portion
brazil nuts
hazel nuts

I also have hot water and lemon daily and porriage oats. I try to eat fruit and veg but my budget allows for only a few fresh and mostly the rest are frozen.

I basically want to eat to nourish my body as apposed to eating for the sake of eating. I want to be choosing food for their health properties as well as to fill me up and fuel me for the day.

Currently my meals are as follows:

Breakfast – milk oats, milk, yogart, raisons, 2 of each of the nuts mentioned above.

Lunch – cheese and tomatoes on multigrain bread

Dinner – either jacket potatoes or pasta with 1 serve of peas, sweet corn, green beans and spinach, sunflower and pumpkins seeds.

Snacks – yogart, jelly, mandarins

What could I add to my diet to enrich it for good health benefits?

I forgot to add that I also eat tofu with my evening meal or as a snack. Sometimes I have egg.

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  1. Hollywood Says:

    Your diet seems good to me. Vary your protein sources. Do you drink soymilk? It's really high in protein. Have a glass or two every day. That doesn't mean giving up dairy by the way, just varying what you consume.

    A portion of nuts is 50-80g, about a handful. A handful of nuts every day will boost your health- unless you're allergic to them. Most nuts and seeds (especially almonds) are high in vitamin E. It's thought that people who eat nuts have better heart health because vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant. That aside, they're also high in selenium, another antioxidant. And protein, fibre and a whole host of B vitamins. In fact they are one of the most nutritious foods ever. 😉

  2. joan m Says:

    You lack protien. Eat Beans, they are cheep and easy to cook. they will give you all you need. keep nuts to very small palmful portions.

  3. cassondradawn Says:

    I actually just read and article about “8 Foods You Should Eat Every Day” on MSN!


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    If you don’t like any of these foods, the article gives you substitutes you can use, and also tells you how to fit them into your meals!

  4. jing Says:

    I dont know what else to add. It seems your diet is perfect to me.. Great eater! Wise one!

  5. Zoe C Says:

    a handful of nuts is a serve, they are really good for your brain, they are high in protein and contain omega 3 which is good if you don’t eat fish.

    as for frozen foods i heard that they are better for you because they are picked then frozen without time to age and lose nutrients.

    oh and jelly is a no no if you are a vegetarian because of the gelatin.

  6. Kitty Kat Says:

    You definately have a well balanced diet. If you want add more variety, I suggest doing research on http://www.nutritiondata.com . This website has amazing amount of information and is well organized.

    Avocados are great for potassium and dietary fiber. Carrots are also a great snack. I typically buy a $3 pack of baby carrots and snack on them for about a week. Potatoes are a good source of energy, but yams/sweet potatoes are far better than a white potato. Honestly, I think they taste better too!

    Tofu is an okay ingredient with moderate health benefits. Soy products are a great source of protein, but tofu has been processed and looses some of the soy’s nutritional value. Edamame (baby soy beans) and miso are better soy products. Edamame is like eating a nutty pea! You can sometimes find them in the frozen section. They can warmed up and eaten like a nut.