What is extensive calcification of the coronry artery?

This cme as a result of a CT scan for something else. Is this a serious problem for the future

3 Responses to “What is extensive calcification of the coronry artery?”

  1. purplegirl Says:

    Well its something that should be dealt with quite soon I would think…did they not tell you anything?…you will likely be sent to the Cardioligist for further tests, monitoring or treatment…depends on if the artery is blocked and to what percentage it is blocked as to whether they will do anything yet…and you will need your cholesterol checked and treated too.
    Its really good that they have found this instead of it being found after something happened to you…consider yourself lucky.

  2. Ufail@Life Says:

    yes, did the doctor not go over this with you?

  3. Yama Says:

    I would most definitely ask your doctor about this with possible referral to a cardiologist. CT scans don't always accurately predict calcification.