what is the best natural fruit or vegetable to remove plaque from our arteries?

natural food that will reverse plaque from the
arteries. i am all ears.

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  1. Flowergirl Says:

    Apple pectin!!!! =D

  2. queenthesbian Says:


  3. lookgreatloseweightsavemoney.com Says:

    Vinegar water helps to Alkalize the body and also helps clean plaque from the arteries.

    I used to know an older German lady who drank vinegar water all day long and she lived to be quite old and never had any problems with her arteries and plaque. She swore by it:o)


  4. listlessbutdiligent Says:

    I heard that starfruit helps to lower down your cholestrol level

  5. moptop Says:

    super vegies..include broccli ,green beans ,carrotts & spinach..

  6. Laurence W Says:

    Dr. Dean Ornish was the main person studying whether anything will cause blockages to shrink. In studies using angiograms that actually show blood flow, only 2/3 of patients doing his program had any reduction, and that only averaged 5% a year.

    Regular carefully moderated exercise will help you develop additional blood flow to your heart. That will make it seem blockages have improved, but they may just go 100% blocked. That is the case with mine.

    Whatever foods are listed here, research in http://www.pubmed.gov for studies related to cardiovascular disease

  7. Razwell R Says:


    You CAN NOT remove VERY HARD FIBEROUS SCAR TISSUE and SMOOTH MUSCLE CELLS that delvlop BETWEEN thee INNER adn OUTER layers of the arterial wall


    ONLY a statin can slightly reverse this and it is doem THROUGH ANTI INFLAMMATORY QULAITIES

    NOT cholesterol lowering