What kind of health supplements should I get for my aging cat?

I want my cat to live as long as possible, and I’d like to know of any good supplements to keep my cat healthy. She’s almost 7 years old, on the small side, and is a completely indoor cat. She’s extremely healthy, robust, and playful. I feed her Blue Buffalo Spa Selects, but I may be switching her to a better food.

Any advice is appreciated, thank you!
I don’t mean medicine, I mean holistic food supplements, like vitamins.

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  1. Windi Lea Says:

    At seven, she’s just barely middle aged. She’s not old. Blue Buffalo is definitely one of the better brands, I think the only way to do better is to go homemade (provided you do the research into how to balance certain nutrients), or raw. Spending the money on good quality food means spending a lot less at the veterinarian later, that’s for sure. I’m big on standing around the pet food store, reading labels on cat food until my feet ache and the store clerks wish I’d just go home, but I don’t think you need to add anything to this food.

  2. Jess Says:

    If you want her to live a long time, don’t give her medicine unless she needs it. Only if she gets sick. Take her to the vet for annual check-ups.
    Hope I helped:)

  3. Animal Lover Says:

    all that i can say is go to your vet. you can give her lots of love and attention. and whatever you do, when she does pass away, don’t let her go at the vet. bring her home, make a nest for her, lay by her, and let her go in peace.

  4. groomer2@rogers.com Says:

    Regarding food for our beloved pets I’ve come a LONG way down the road of not knowing which to choose & wanting to watch my budget.
    My advise is to feed as good a quality of food as you can afford without taking out a loan from the bank.
    I’ve been feeding my 13 yr old cat Burns cat food then I adopted another cat needing a home. She came with Royal Canin Himalayan long hair- type kibble. Within the top three ingredients was corn. Corn an inexpensive carb that in many cases is known to contribute to allergy problems. For the higher priced Royal Canin large bag, I was shown a substantially lower priced 6 kg bag "Nature’s Harvest" with far superior healthier ingredients.
    When the cats where given both foods (Burns & Royal Canin) they both went for the Royal Canin which proves that you can’t leave it up to them to choose the best. Where do the kids want to go for super, McDonald’s or the family restaurant serving home cooked meals.
    Both cats ate up the 2 foods which I mixed together & now the Nature’s Harvest has been added to wean them off the other two & they seen to be happy with the resulting adult Holistic kibble at the substantially lower price than the other two.

  5. Autumn Says:

    I think you should keep her on the same stuff and just make sure she stays healthy!

    If you change it then it might screw up her routine and it could make her sick. Then she will die even sooner.

    Hope this Helps!!!!!!!!

  6. Christine~Here to Help Says:

    I would see a holistic vet before giving her anything. Though a lot of supplemets are safe, it’s good to make sure that they will safe and most effective for your cat.

  7. Brenda Says:

    I am a certified nutritionist. Blue Buffalo is an excellent food. If you want to change foods, try looking into different formulas made by Blue Buffalo. Most premium formulas like blue buffalo offer formulas with the needed vitamins already and only suggest vitamins and supplements when recommended by a veterinarian. Blue Buffalo Longevity for mature cats would be a good option. I feed my cats Natural Balance Green Pea and Salmon. I like the brand because of its L.I.D. since I have a cat prone to skin allergies.

  8. Ken S Says:

    Stay away from dry foods. Even the quality brands

    Nutrition since there are so many bad things out there is very important to your cat’s health
    Contrary to what you may have heard; dry foods are not a great thing to feed a cat.
    Please read the label on what you are feeding? What are the ingredients? Do you know what they mean? Is the first ingredient a muscle meat like chicken or meal or other things?
    Dry foods are the number 1 cause of diabetes in cats as well as being a huge contributing factor to kidney disease, obesity, crystals, u.t.i’s, constipation, and a host of other problems. Male cats are especially prone to blockages
    from dry food. Food allergies are very common when feeding dry foods. Rashes, scabs behind the tail and on the chin are all symptoms The problems associated with Dry food is that they are loaded with grains and carbohydrates which many cats (carnivores) cannot process. ( Have a fat cat?)
    An even bigger problem is that it IS dry and it dehydrates no matter how much your cat drinks
    Most of the moisture a cat needs is suppose to be in the food. Cats are not naturally big drinkers.
    95% of the moisture is zapped out of dry foods in the processing. Think about it.
    Another thing, most use horrible ingredients and don’t use a muscle meat as the primary ingredient and use vegetable based protein versus animal. Not good for an animal that has to eat meat to survive.
    You want to pick a canned food w/o gravy (gravy=carbs) that uses a muscle meat as the first ingredient and doesn’t have corn at least in the first 3 ingredients if at all.
    Cats are meat eaters not cereal or rice eaters
    Fancy feast is a middle grade food with 9lives, friskies whiskas lower grade canned and wellness and merrick upper grade human quality foods. I would rather feed a middle grade canned food then the top of the line dry food.
    Also, dry food is not proven to be better for teeth. Does a hard pretzel clean your teeth or do pieces of it get

    Please read about cat nutrition.

    Vetinarian diets The reason your vet thinks so highly of the pet food they sell probably has more to do with money than nutrition. In vet school, the only classes offered on nutrition usually last a few weeks, and are taught by representatives from the pet food companies. Vet students may also receive free food for their own dogs and cats at home. They could get an Iams notebook, a Purina purse and some free pizza. http://iml.jou.ufl.edu/projects/Spring04/Perhach/PetFood/Vets.htm
    Nutritional Education Program website page for the American College of Veterinary Nutrition. Notice who they are receiving grants from for this program