What kind of health supplements should i take.?

I am 20 and just started working out about 2 months ago. Recently i started drinking a protein shake once a day and drinking a creatine fruit punch mix. I eat tuna just about everyday and try to stay away from red meat. MOstly eat turkey, chicken fish and soy. I have been eating protein bars once a day also. I am thinking about NOXPLODE is this stuff worth it?

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  1. Nicholi P Says:

    Oh boy. Creatine is fine to start with, don't push your morals of what cheating is onto someone else. NOXplode is essentialy creatine, AKG complex, and caffeine. You are already on the creatine, you don't need the arginine, and if you want some caffeine before your workout grab caffeine pills. I don't recommend the caffeine but I could argue it both directions depending on circumstances. Before bed if you are trying to pack on mass, cottage cheese with fish oil and a little bit of fiber. If you hate cottage cheese, take casein with fish oil, and some veggies. The only other essential is a multi-V.

  2. Takfam Says:

    Drop the creatine and don't even think about the NOxPLODE.

    If your workout stops working, change it up. If your diet stops working, change it up. If you hit a plateau and you change both your diet and exercise 3 times and nothing works, then use the supplements to break the plateau.

    Using supplements right off the bat is like cheating when you don't even know that you could have won on your own. Take a multivitamin and either flaxseed or fish oil, that's all you need at this stage in the game.

  3. Neo Says:

    any supplements are bad for u…u don't know which chemicals maybe placed in tht supplement..even protein shakes are an insentive don't take anything but natural protein:)

  4. hottiegurl Says: