What stimulates the brain besides caffeine, nicotine, stimulants, endorphins, and anti-depressants?

It can be a side effect of another medication. I need help waking up in the morning.

16 Responses to “What stimulates the brain besides caffeine, nicotine, stimulants, endorphins, and anti-depressants?”

  1. daveduncan40 Says:

    Exercise! Get your heart pumping and you will be awake.

  2. ascarta2 Says:

    Sudoku, trust me

  3. Red Says:

    Go and and go camping, rock climbing, running and so on.

    Go out and do sport and things.

    That is what they say does it.

  4. shemowcow Says:

    red bull fresh air and soduko


  5. historybuff Says:


  6. "co-jack" Says:

    Go to http://www.tni.com/2272248 This will give you a ton of energy.

  7. karen Says:


  8. The Dude Says:

    The best I have ever lived is also the worst!!

    Got up before dawn every day and drove to the farm. Had breakfast on the back of the truck on the way to the fields. Worked in backbreaking fashion cutting vegetables out of the ground. When that sun came up, every day, I felt so alive it was rediculous. The exhilaration of the scene, the reality of the pain in my body everything.

    My real trade is event. I often work day time events when I a very tired after a night time event the day before. Leaving the building and looking at the sky for a few minutes is far more effective than a coffee (not that coffee doesnt help but I try to avoid it). Same goes for working all night – when the dawn comes the tyredness is lifted. Its all about getting that sunlight in your eyes!!!

  9. DESIREE G Says:

    What stimulates the brain, how about sex, best therapy you can get.

  10. the moose Says:

    to wake up in the morning. step in to a cold shower… poor yourself a glass of ice water and have a piece of dry toast. then out the door you go. there is a difference between waking up and staying awake..

  11. its_just_me Says:

    Have a REALLY REALLY REALLY cold shower. That would wake anyone up!!!Mayb do sum skipping (with a skip rope) for 10 min after the shower to get ur blood pumping then have a good hearty breakfast.

  12. adamsjrcn Says:

    Getting enough nighttime sleep. 7-10 hours

  13. karen c Says:

    Everything that you see throughout the day! A good looking guy or a beautiful woman, jogging, sex, good food, the list goes on and on.

  14. Lioncourt Says:

    Honey…i recommend seeing a doc who can prescribe adderrall. Of course it will be up to the doc…but it works…I KNOW.

  15. d-cup Says:

    you might have an iron deficiency

  16. singer-songwriter gayla Says:

    Go to bed early enough that you can get the sleep you need. Then get up early enough to have all the time you need to wake up. Exercise, eat, read something, shower. By the time you need to leave for the day, you'll be awake.