What supplements out of everything should i take for overall health?

I was thinking about omega 3 and acai berry supplements. Are there any other supplements that may significantly benifit my life in some way or another down the line?

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  1. Tony I Says:

    Contrary to what others would have you believe, it is virtually impossible for us to get all of the optimum amount of nutrients we need for maximum immune system and overall bodily health from diet alone. That might have been true a couple of generations ago, but it is no longer the case thanks to over-farmed and mineral depleted soils where only synthetic petro chemicals are added back in for lush growth instead of nutrition and where pesticides, herbicides and over-farming prevent the essential soil micro-organisms from converting what minerals do remain in our soils into bioavailable forms that can be taken up by plants and then passed on to us.

    As just one example of the result of these practices, a bowl of spinach our grandmothers ate contained fully eight times the nutrition than the ones we eat normally has. In another rather stark example, fully 90-95% of us are now deficient in magnesium, which is absolutely vital for good health. How do you suppose that is the case if we can get all the nutrition we need from our diets?

    Then on top of all that you add in the foods on our grocers shelves that have had most of the nutrition processed out and dangerous additives processed in for shelf life, taste, texture and color. Oh, they may "enrich" some of those products with petro-chemical synthetic vitamins and crushed rock minerals, but, just like the One-a-day type vitamins, those mainly pass through your body without much absorption and mostly produce colored urine instead of optimum health.

    For a bit more information, see my article "Our Disappearing Minerals and Their Vital Health Role"


    Going all vegan is not the answer either. Some of the most unhealthy people on earth are those who simply eat only vegetables without careful planning and supplementation to supply vital nutrients such as folic acid that is not normally found in vegetables. A mostly raw, mostly organic and mostly vegetable and fruit diet which also includes some healthy meats is the best – and it is also the diet of many the longest lived peoples on earth. Quite simply, aside from the fact that fruits and vegetables are also living things, and without discounting what may be admirable motives on the parts of many who forego eating animals (and I myself abhore the inhuman feedlot and slaughter practices of major meat suppliers), man is simply not a herbivore. We have evolved for thousands of years as omnivores and that is what our bodies are most adapted to.

    Omega 3’s are certainly important and acai is a great source or antioxidants, though it has been over-hyped and there are some rip off acai products out there. Your best bet, unless you are treating some chronic deficiency, is to get an all whole food derived multi-vitamin, mineral and other nutrient product. I know of none better than IntraMAX, which contains 415 essential nutrients. Dr. Mercola also has a good product and there are others too, but IntraMAX is by far my favorite. My own source of it is Oasis Advanced Wellness, a site run by a friend, naturopath and co-moderator of my Yahoo Health Group "Oleandersoup" (which is a site primarily for those who wish to beat and/or avoid cancer naturally, though there is also plenty of discussion about health in general).

  2. aaronbob98 Says:

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  3. vistamack Says:

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  4. Val Says:

    We should be able to get all we need from our foods. Problem is the soils are depleted and our diets are far from perfect so a few supplements can be helpful.
    You may want to consider a good whole food vitamin.
    Most of us don’t get enough omega 3 so that’s a good one too.
    Use krill oil or a good quality fish or cod liver oil.

    If you live in a northern climate, you may need to supplement with vitamin D.

    I don’t know about acai supplements. I know the fruit is high in antioxidants. If you eat blueberries and other berries, dark chocolate (at least 70%) and other fruits and vegetables, that should do it for you.