what to do when you are invited to a seminar about network marketing health vitamin supplements?

well, out of friendship, i was invited and attended one yesterday. but i did not sign up yet.
shall i be expecting from them to call me up again? what will i politely say to refuse?
i hear they are agressive and they have these tricky recruiting technique.

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  1. Michael Says:

    Well …here’s where you get to find out if they really are a “friend.” Tell the person thank you but your really not interested ..at all.
    Yes they may have been taught some wonderful come backs to over come your objections…. that’s O.K. ( Matter of fact, that’s great , I’ll show you why in a moment)

    Again (politely) tell them no thank you, it’s just not what you want to do. Let them go on 2 maybe 3 times ( you did say it was a friend right? ) and then look them square in the eye and tell the person.
    ” THIS is why I DON’T want to join your company. I’m NOT going to ask people over & over to join something they don’t want to do.”

    Note: sometimes they simply bring a third person along to make it even more difficult for you to say NO. If it gets to much and you feel weird about it just tell them ” I think I’m going to throw up, this is starting to make me sick.” I’m not kidding that should do the trick.

    Hope this helps,
    P.S. You really don’t want to join any of those networking companies.

  2. room mate Says:

    just tell them you sell insurance, too. and you’d like to recruit them as well. if they don’t mind

  3. Krzys Says:

    I think that just a “no, thank you. I am not interested.” will be sufficient. It is polite enough I think. If they ask you about reasons tell them that their offer is just not for you. If they start being pushy ask them politely not to call you again and disconnect.

    Remember that this is YOUR time and YOUR phone. You are free to just disconnect and not to answer them if they ring again.

    I do believe that “no” will be enough, though.

  4. MY Y!A Says:

    Out of friendship, help them to understand the facts about mlm.
    Saying you are not interested should be enough. Often times it leads them to believe that you are “close minded.” Helping them to understand why you are skeptical should help them in their business. If they are a true friend, they will listen.

    Best Regards!

  5. Minkow Says:

    Signing up based on friendship would not help either party. If you are curious about network marketing or MLM it helps to know the facts.
    The Vandruff’s have written an article that is spot on and talks about the reason why it does not work for the majority.