What to use to dissolve plaque in my arteries???

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  1. StudentMD Says:

    These all sound like good answers. You won't be getting any treatment for atherosclerosis (plaque in the arteries) unless they get quite severe. The treatment generally involves procedures, rather than medicines.

    To prevent further plaque buildup, control your blood pressure and your cholesterol levels. Both of these damage the arteries, predisposing them to start forming those subintimal atheromatous plaques. Also, if you smoke, quit. The chemicals in smoke just drive the damaging process right along. One less obvious thing to watch out for is systemic inflammation. This is the new area of interest in heart disease. If you have ongoing inflammation (chronic gingivitis, for example), those inflammatory signals trigger the plaque-forming process.

    There are some ideas to keep you healthy. Be sure to keep up with annual physicals with your doc. He'll keep an eye on the arteries.

  2. unpredictablebabynottheusual Says:

    oats,oats and more oats try eating 2 bowls of it for 30 days straight then go for a check up there will be a big change

  3. unenlightend Says:

    Generally plaque in your arteries isn't dissolved. Even if it were, plaque accumulates in arteries because it attaches to scar tissue in the arteries. As long as there's scar tissue, it would build up there. There are several options for dealing with this plaque: angioplasty, stents, and bypass surgery. Angioplasty involves using a small tool to inflate in the region of a thick plaque buildup, essentially squishing the plaque against the artery walls. Stents are usually a hollow mesh tube placed in the artery for the same effect. However, stents tend to have their own problems, including buildup of more scar tissue. Bypass surgery entails harvesting a vein or artery, usually from the leg, and attaching it above and below a blockage in the artery so blood can flow around it.

    As far as I know, there are no medicines available to dissolve plaque. There are drugs to dissolve blood clots in arteries, which are often used when someone is treated for a heart attack. For more information, talk to a doctor. Any cardiologist should be able to give you the best, up to date info available.

  4. Little 'ole Me Says:

    There is no such thing as "dissolving" plaque in the arteries. You can reduce it OVER TIME and prevent future build-up by changing your diet and increasing your exercise and like changes. There are some great advances in medications for "Hyperlipidemia" but those are for you and your Doctor to discuss.