whats worse if they are both good?

so they say to stay away from "bad" carb and "bad" fats and eat good fats like mono/poly unsaturated and the omega fats and ea t complex carbs in whole wheat items…but still limit them even if they are good.

so whats worse…good fats or good carbs? something like whole wheat bread or fresh fruit(good or complex carbs) or nuts like almonds(unsaturated fat) or fish(omege 3 fatty acids)?

what is healthier to eat? they both have their benefits like reducing choleterol or having protein or containing nutrients but people say to cut carbs and fat and have the good ones *in moderation* SO WHAT IS THE WORST? GOOD(complex) CARBS OR GOOD FATS? WHY?

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  1. gone_drifting Says:

    Sorry to say one is as important as the next. They all act in different processes within the body. I will tell you this, Carbohydrates are NOT an essential nutrient. The body can obtain all its energy from protein and fats. The brain cannot burn fat and needs glucose for energy, but the body can make this glucose from protein. Fat is more important in my opinion. Carbs are mostly used as immediate energy that can be accessed a lot quicker than the energy stored in adipose tissue. The distinction between "good carbs" and "bad carbs" is an important attribute of low-carbohydrate diets, which promote a reduction in the consumption of grains and starches in favor of protein. The result is a reduction in insulin levels used to metabolize sugars, and an increase in the use of fat for energy through ketosis.

    To answer your question…..I can't. I can tell you which one is better for you but both are good for you. More protein and fat is favored to maintain a good body weight but eating carbs is the most recommended way to get good energy(fat energy doesnt break down the same in the body and therefore, is a less sufficient source). Hope that helps you out some!!!

  2. chiropractic electronic records Says:

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  3. texas eye care Says:

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