Where can I buy iodine supplements in person?

I am looking to buy iodine in pill form as a supplement for thyroid function and would like to know where I can buy them in person. Also if there is a specific brand I should look for. Can I get this at a natural health store or somewhere like Walgreens or Walmart?
I can’t afford to go the doctor at this time and health departments don’t deal with thyroid issues. I found out I should buy kelp tablets and I can get them about anywhere. Thanks though

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  1. Renie Says:

    First off, education is key especially regarding iodine supplements. I understand that you cannot afford to go to a thyroid specialist, but if you incorrectly take iodine or misdiagnose yourself you will end up making your thyroid worse. The library is best for you to begin your research and it is free! Truly, you need to be blood or salvia tested to determine exactly where in your body your health problem(s) are.

    visit these sites:





  2. smile 4 Says:

    I would be very careful with iodine supplements. Most of us get enough iodine from our diet, especially salt. However, if you get too much iodine, your body will actually stop releasing thyroid hormone. You should talk with your doctor and take a test to see if you are truly low on iodine before starting any supplement.

  3. Soo Young Says:

    You can buy iodine supplements (pill or lequid) through amazon.com, copy this link and paste on your browser =