Where to buy Acai berries?

I'm sre everyone's heard something about acais berries & their antioxidants & juices & health benefits & whatever, but i have yet to see the actual berries sold in stores (at least around my area, which is pretty modern & up-to-date). all i can find are supplements.

Has anyone seen them on the market in the store? or are the berries themselves just not edible?

2 Responses to “Where to buy Acai berries?”

  1. oldtimekid2 Says:

    Well, you won't find the whole fresh berries on a shelf in the store unless you live around the Amazon jungle. The berries spoil very quickly, so about the only way you could get them up to the U.S. would be to have them shipped overnight (or another very fast shipping option), stored on ice, and brought directly to the store or your dwelling, then consumed within a week or so (as with most fruit). Roughly speaking, it would cost anywhere from 5-10 times what they charge for the juices if not more (the less ordered, the more per berry it would cost).
    Because of that, I couldn't say I've actually heard of a store special ordering them like that, but theoretically you might find that as an option in some high-price health food store (which I doubt would sell many at that price since they also aren't very good tasting).

    Now, on the flip side, the juices and supplements are commonly freeze-dried to maintain the nutritional integrity longer, plus the liquids probably have preservatives (probably natural) to help them keep longer as well. They will be just as nutritious as the fresh berries (give or take, depending on how long they've been on the shelf) and they'll likely taste much better to boot. I hope I helped!

  2. Jessica Says:

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    The acai berry has around twenty times the antioxidants of red grapes. It is a wonderful protein, and has a large amount of dietary fiber. The fats contained in the acai berry are healthy omega fats.
    The acai berry is loaded with amino acids, which muscles need to function properly and benefit from exercise. These amino acids combined with fatty acids allow the body to burn fat more effectively and help tone your muscles.

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