which drug is what? i’m so confused?

A liquid drug that, with prolonged use, can destroy the part of the brain responsible for short-term memory

B. Derived from the coca plant, this drug traps a chemical called “dopamine” in the brain’s reward system

C. This major hallucinogen cause unpredictable effects on a user’s personality and mood, and negative experiences with this drug are often referred to as a “bad trip”

D. Derived from the opium poppy, this drug is most often associated with the transmission of HIV/AIDS

E. Derived from the male hormone, testosterone, these drugs are used to enhance athletic performance, but can produce aggressive tendencies

F. Nicotine is the active component of this drug, which can lead to lung cancer and emphysema

G. These legal drugs produce vapors that can destroy the fatty tissue protecting the nerve cells in the brain

H. This stimulant, known as “crystals” on the street, can produce heart palpitations, blurred vision, extended wakefulness, and damage to the brain

I. This synthetic drug has both hallucinogenic and amphetamine-like properties, and it also destroys the cells that produce serotonin

J. Derived from the cannabis plant, this drug interferes with memory and learning

1. Heroin
2. Marijuana
3. Alcohol
4. Cocaine
5. Inhalants
6. Ecstasy
7. LSD
8. Steroids
9. Tobacco
10. Methamphetamine


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  1. fox3 Says:

    I’m kinda tired so I’ll just describe the 10 drugs at the bottom and let you fill in the blanks. Heroin: Poppy plant, needle drug, often gives people aids.
    Marijuana: Cannabis plant, bad for memory
    Alcohol: bad for memory, long and short range
    Cocaine: Causes physical and mental damage, causes people to not sleep and keep moving
    Inhalants: Usually paint or toxic glue, causes respiratory and memory damage. Not actually a drug like the others, usually works by suffocation.
    Ecstacy: Causes a feeling of ecstacy (some kind of happieness), generally unhealthy, like others.
    LSD: Developed in the 60s as a truth inducing drug (for interrogation proposes), actually rearranges the neural connections in the brain and tends to have really bad psychological side effects.
    Steroids: Male enhancement, builds muscle, causes rage
    Tobacco: cigarettes, causes cancer and other respiratory damage.
    Meth: Crystal, similar to cocaine, damages brain, once used in the 50s and I believe 60s to help mothers keep up with their lives (cooking, cleaning, laundry, helping kinds, shopping, no time to sleep)

    There, hope that helps

  2. mouse111970 Says:

    cocaine i dont beleive it ive been usin for 16 years and ive gone from makin 10 bucks an hour to 40 bucks an hour.

  3. Cutiechaser123 Says:

    why would u want 2 know the answer off all of the bad things


  4. pirish Says:

    I once took Viagra, it got stuck in my throat and I got a stiff neck.

  5. Vanessa Says:

    Dey all shit
    I take chocolate milk-Midnight Moo, Oh yea
    Im Bad

  6. max Says:


  7. Pem Says:

    These are pretty easy but if you don’t know them you could find out by doing a little work for yourself and doing a search through wikipedia.

    You’ll end up learning more if you find out for yourself!

  8. Bens Says:

    A is alcohol
    b is cocaine
    c is lsd
    d is heroin
    e is steroids
    f is tobacco
    g is inhalants
    h is meth
    i is ecstacy
    j is mary j

  9. Jennifer P Says:

    A Alcohol
    B cocain
    C LSD
    D Heroin
    E Steroids
    F tabacco
    G inhalants
    H Meth
    I X
    J Marijuana

  10. totbl Says:

    a alcohol
    b cocaine
    c lsd
    d heroine
    e steriods
    f tobacco
    g inhalants
    h meth
    i ecstasy
    j marijuana

  11. lookoning Says:

    a. 7
    b. 4
    c. 6
    d. 1
    f. 9
    g. 3
    h. 10
    i. 5
    j. 2

  12. pmbernal3 Says:

    This website seems like a big help. Might wanna check it out I know a few though.
    3-g (i think) or A

    check out that website though =]

  13. Tia Says:

    A. Alcohol
    B. Cocaine
    C. LSD
    D. Heroin
    E. Steroids
    F. Tobacco
    G. Inhalants
    H. Methamphetamine
    I. Ecstasy
    J. Marijuana

  14. Justin H Says:


    I think thats about right i didn’t double check unfurtunatly I’ve expiremented quite a bit.

  15. KIZIAH Says:

    A. 3
    B. 4
    C. 7
    D. 1
    E. 8
    F. 9
    G. 5
    H. 10
    I. 6
    J. 2

  16. talondora Says:

    Get a drug reference book and look it up. You can also check with your local Pharmacist-if he has time.

    You really should do your own homework though.

  17. SmellsLikeVinegar Says:


  18. Bex Says:


    THat’s my best guess …

  19. Joe J Says:

    1. Heroin – D
    2. Marijuana – J
    3. Alcohol – A
    4. Cocaine – B
    5. Inhalants – G
    6. Ecstasy – I
    7. LSD – C
    8. Steroids – E
    9. Tobacco – F
    10. Methamphetamine – H

    is this a homework assignment?

  20. brown_eyed_girl Says:

    I’m pretty sure these are the answers:
    a. Alcohol
    b. Cocaine
    c. LSD
    d. Heroin
    e. Steroids
    f. Tobacco
    g. Inhalant
    h. Methamphetamine
    i. Ecstasy
    j. Marijuana

  21. Black Lung Says:

    D. is heroin
    H. is meth
    G. is tobacco
    I. is ecstasy
    F. is marijuana
    E. is steroids
    C. is LSD
    B. is cocaine
    A. is alcohol