Which NUTS have the best cholesterol-lowering properties?

I've heard that several types of nuts — including almonds, walnuts, pistachios and I think one or two others — contain compounds that help reduce LDL ("bad cholesterol") and/or help raise HDL ("good cholesterol"). In some cases the compounds are monounsaturated and/or polyunsaturated fats, but I believe I've read of other healthful compounds as well.

What I'd like to know is which nuts are the best at lowering LDLs and/or raising HDLs? If anyone also knows of an actual list that ranks the nuts in ORDER, from the most beneficial to the least beneficial, I'd love if you could share that with me too!! 🙂 Due to a genetic propensity for elevated cholesterol, I want to eat the nuts that will help me the most.

Also, how much of these health benefits are reduced if the nuts are baked or toasted? The reason I ask is because I'm allergic to walnuts, but they only irritate my mouth when RAW. If they're toasted, candied, etc., then they're fine.

Thanks again! 🙂
P.S. I forgot to mention that I don't care if nuts are high in calories, because for me, that's helpful. I'm actually trying to GAIN weight! I'm 5'7" and 120 lbs, so I'm definitely on the lean side, plus it's been hinted to me that my lanky body is not "attractive". 🙁 However, w/ my fast metabolism it's really hard to gain any weight.

So, my "dream food" would be one that could help me gain a few pounds, but at the same time be low in fat & cholesterol, and help reduce my cholesterol numbers as well! 🙂 I guess I should probably keep on dreaming, eh?

3 Responses to “Which NUTS have the best cholesterol-lowering properties?”

  1. when2y4 Says:

    Well, eating foods is behind high cholesterol. !/2 of Americans are dying of clogged arteries from cholesterol. The 'normal' cholesterol in America is 200mg. In my book that means a 200mg cholesterol is a lethal level. Nuts are one of the highest calorie foods. The fats in nuts are better fats than the fats in meat though. Lowering cholesterol by diet is basically unsuccessful. Forget nuts and other foods. Almost every body knows what foods to avoid and what foods may be helpful.
    None of the eating approaches is reliable in lowering cholesterol. Basically, losing weight if obese or overweight is good. But the most reliable method is to take two wonder drugs. A statin and Zetia. Both together, a statin which blocks production of cholesterol by the liver and Zetia which blocks reabsorption of cholesterol by the intestinal lining can reliably lower the cholesterol to as low as 100mg. Normal cholesterol in countries where heart attacks are unknown is in the 75-125mg range. The above meds can reliably approach that even with all the good foods in the USA. The less eggs, fried chicken, butter, meats,etc we eat the easier it is for those meds to work. It may take 1-2 years to get the levels down.

  2. Loving_Heart Says:

    Well they are good for the heart and brain, I take them myself but within limits, excess of anything is bad.
    Almonds: Yummy. Any time.
    Walnuts: Wow it will do within limits.
    Pistachios: Great. too much cholestrol.
    What good it is to watch a movie without dry fruit/s.
    Take everything but you must burn it.
    I am going out for NUTS, if any one wants to join me he/she is welcome.

  3. Flowergirl Says:

    Loving Heart is right. Raw,no salt.