Why do people hate Drugs ?

Im not a drug addict or anything but i just dont understand why people hate drugs and drug addicts. I would agree that they can make people violent and make them steal but imagine if Drugs were legal. The Drug Dealers would be out of business meaning lesss crime.

Aldous Huxley, author of ‘Brave New World’ and ‘The Doors of Perception,’ does not agree with the term hallucinogen when applied to LSD. (Huxley’s book was why the music group the Doors was called ‘the Doors’). He believes that a much more appropriate description of its effects should be ‘mind-expander.’ A hallucinogen causes a hallucination; something that is not there; an unreality. Under LSD, your mind is expanded. What you experience is not a dream or illusion, but a larger world. The tripper dives INTO reality, not away from it.

All senses are increased. You see, hear, smell, taste and feel to such an extreme degree that you experience new heights of perception. On LSD, when you play your favorite song…it is like you are hearing it for the first time. Sounds you never heard before on the CD are now crystal clear.

A fascinating phenomenon happens on the stimulant that would intrigue the physicist. The perception of time s l o w s. Time slows, during LSD’s peak, where one (normal) minute could equal 20 minutes! You literally experience more time. A little mental exercise may explain: Suppose you have a sensory knob that determines your level of perception. Reality is received via the senses. This data of the world around us flows to the brain at a particular rate. Let us say that it is like the knob on an amplifier: 1 to 10. Let us also assume that we operate naturally in our awake hours at a normal #3. On LSD, the rate of sensory intake is turned up or increased to maybe #6 or #7. More of reality flows into you through the senses; so much so, that the perception of time EXPANDS. We see the universe going by at a slower rate because we are seeing many more frames of reality per second.

Einstein spoke and wrote of the ‘feebleness of the senses.’ The great thinker believed that humans were virtually blind and did not see the true universe. Einstein knew of the Electro-Magnetic Spectrum which lay beyond visible light. The true universe is not static or stationary. It constantly moves.

We have all heard that people only use about one third of their brain’s potential. If we really used a third of what the brain could do, we could levitate; we could move mountains. A much more accurate guesstimate is that we only use a fraction of one percent of the mind’s total capabilities.

William Blake wrote: ‘If the doors of perception were cleansed, everything would appear to man as it is: Infinite.’ What would it be like if we utilized more of our mind? How would reality appear? What is the universe to the super mind?

Using more of the mind, the view of the universe is like the LSD experience. We would be functioning at an accelerated level. Our sensory receptors increase. Time/space expands. Reality warps. Clocks melt. If you think you normally see in 3D and in color…guess again. The visual experience of LSD makes our ordinary world look 2-dimensional and black and white.

In this heightened mind state…intricate, moving, geometric patterns are observed in everything. We could be looking at a blank, white wall; then suddenly we see intense colors and changing patterns. Those colors and patterns are not hallucinations. They are really there! They lie beyond the view of our normal, limited and narrow senses. A huge range of mental levels exist above what we would call normal perception. Someone operates on the higher floors of the mind.

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  1. Yukorak Says:

    What you have described may be true, that reality is better with drugs than without. The problems emerge when the become preferable to normality. So much so that people will try to procure drugs for daily living.

    Now, whats worng with that? Well our natural immunity to such perception distortion is to counteract the effects of drugs. In short, with even the safest drug, we would quickly adapt to its effects. the resultant condition is dependancy. Without the drug the world seems bland, uninteresting, lacks a quality, even depressing. Having the drug in your sistem seems normal and steady increases are required to maintain this ‘normality’.

    Sadly, all drugs have side effects. Even asprin will rot your stomach and thin your blood, an overdose on paracetamol will result in multiple organ failure, these are ‘safe’ drugs. Alcoholism is a slow and painful death and reflects the cycle of desctuction of addiction. LSD you cite is the most powerful drug on earth, imagine the psychological side effects of a lifetime of abuse and dose increases!

    In short, drugs start off as life changing expereinces for the better and end in life changing experiences for the worse.
    I am going to assume you have tried recreational drugs and I tell you now, you will never reach the peaks of the first few tries due to your own brains efforts to keep you on the straight and narrow. A task it gets better at every time you take a drug. The short term efforts to keep you alive and alert to danger sadly do not extend to the long term destruction of other parts of your life.

    Having said all this, I agree with the idea of sensible useage of drugs. It is making sure everyone is sensible that has resulted in blanket bannings.

  2. SIMON H Says:

    Are you sure this is just a single question. !

    No ones going to be able to answer this in full other than to say to you ,WTF have you not tried any ? yourself.

    People actually hate the drugs via the crimes via the addicts and via the stigma attached.

    Most non takers of drugs have Little or no understanding of the differences between drugs,yet they are the same people who take prescription drugs from their gps without question or reference to addictions.
    The only addictions most come across are alcoholics or gamblers,because these were deemed normal pursuits.
    I can not personally stand Heroine addicts as they have proved themselves first hand to me to be complete and utter wastes of time and space.
    In fact most drug takers are not addicts in the true sense and most can be easily helped off their drugs.
    Its the cultural devastation and cost both in social care,medical care and finances in general that piss the working non drug taking Joe bloggs right off.
    He earns and pays tax for others to have a free ride !
    Whether your on drugs or not you can see his point of view.

    Of course mind altering drugs like LSD seem to expand the mind and slow down time,we perceive things on a conciously aware level of normality before any stimuli enter,we are in a "normal" state.
    Go try Your Trips and find out all you want to know,like most people who have we will see you on the otherside of your personal journey.

  3. EckyBoy Says:

    Yes yes all your arguments make sense BUT I think what people object to, is a load of lazy junkies just lying about the place, signing on the dole , staying up till 4 am and sleeping all day etc.

    Drugs have their uses I have no doubt. But when BORING people use them, it’s just boring. And as you go through life you will realise that drugs do in fact, make people boring.

    Drug use is just the booby prize for "not having a life" , I’m afraid.

  4. susie x Says:

    Your question was far too long and laborious to read but I get the gist.
    Drug takers are usually incapable of working and are a drain on society, claiming benefits they wouldn’t need if they worked. They need medication, detox and cost the nhs even more money. They are usually unable to feed their habits with their benefits so they thieve, burgle and steal making life dangerous and miserable for the rest of us. They leave needles around for unsuspecting children and animals to hurt themselves on and they are a worry to families and friends alike who worry about them dying in a stupor after a bad fix. Do you really need any more?

  5. omni Says:

    I think more people luv drugs than hate them. what ur describing is an age old practice that ancient civilizations as well as modern day shamans and many others still do today.
    I’ve experienced higher consciousness on many occasions ingesting certain drugs (lsd, hashis, etc…). the media reflects a negative light on this so many people are misinformed. Checkout "the pharmacratic inquisition" on gnosticmedia.com and get ready to be enlightened on the subject.

  6. shncrn Says:

    You make LSD sound so amazing but you’ve left out the paranoia and fear. My personal opinion of a trip is that it DISTORTS reality and it can be pretty scary if you’re with a lot of people and not with someone you trust. (yes-been there-done that-got the t-shirt)
    You’ll grow out of it eventually and if you happen to be over 30 already and you still view it this way then it’s probably time you booked yourself into a clinic because you could be heading towards Schizophrenia my friend.

    Do you condone the use of crack and heroin too? These drugs ruin lives. You must be living in a fantasy land created by your LSD.

  7. tver Says:

    I agree drugs should be legalized, it would get rid of a lot of problems.

    My issues with drugs are that they are addictive & they fuck up your mind. I’m sorry but my ex was a drug user, nothing too strong either, and his life was completely destroyed by it. That’s not a small thing. That’s not something you go "oh well" too. There are way too many lives destroyed. And in the worst possible ways you can imagine.

    If drugs were legalized, I think society could have much more control over them (like say, alcohol?), there would still be problems… but I think a load of them would go away. And maybe more people could benefit, but in a safer way.

    Buying drugs now means you’re contributing to crime, as you’re fueling that whole mess… so I think it’s a bad decision.

    Make drugs legal though – definitely. Until then… and until we’re given some real information other than "don’t do drugs, they’re bad" – I’m not getting involved.