Why do some believe that ADD does not exist?

Disclaimer: I'm not referring to the overdrugging of children. I do believe that too many children are labelled ADD just so their parents won't have to deal with them and are given meds unnecessarily. I'm also not referring to college kids who abuse Adderall to get a good test score.

I'm referring to Adult ADD: people who claim to have it. Not those who were told so by their parents and not those who abuse stimulants. The other day I saw brain scans of someone with ADD and someone without, doing the same task. Activity levels were noticably different.

Do you think scientifically that it does exist? It seems to me like depression: some people discount its existence because it isn't as "real" or obvious as a physical ailment, but millions of people who have it can tell you otherwise.

I've seen people who seem to be on a crusade to "prove" that ADD isn't real. Do you agree or disagree? Please give proof with your post. Thanks!

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  1. lisa1cares Says:

    some people feel that way about all mental health illnesses its not just add its the stigma around mental health and around the unknown. if you can't see it or don't understand it way believe in it? one day things will change and it will be simple to say who has what and we will not have to worry what people think to it.

  2. julesrules Says:

    I'm glad that you wrote. Scientifically, I believe "mental" disorders DO exist! If you ever read an article about Tom Cruise and his Tirade about Depression, I want to just PUNCH the guy! He, and many others do not know the HORRORS of ADD, and all of the other "disorders" that ARE out there! I'm tired of the "clueless" ones not knowing what they're talking about when they call these disorders "Labels!" No such thing!
    Until a person goes through the correct "channels" to get Diagnosed, like I HAVE and one of my children have, they cannot go around blabbing that the Disorders are Bunk! These people are SORELY MISTAKEN!
    Many people just want to turn their heads and shy away from the thought of ADD, ADHD, Depression, etc. but IT IS REAL, and it's one of those situations that one has NO IDEA whatsoever about these problems UNTIL they have to deal and live with the symptoms!

    I still believe the Disorders are on the RISE, because they're linked to LEAD in the bloodstream and human system! Look what contains lead in our everyday lives, paints, and many products we live around and breathe in every day! There is lead in certain candy also!
    There is proof out there that high levels of lead can cause Depression and all these symptom problems because lead attacks the brain in this way!

    So, ADD, ADHD, Depression and those disorders alike, I agree they ARE in fact, REAL!

    I KNOW, because I have a child with OCD.
    I feel it is a serious stereotype when it's being said that Doctors "overdrug" children, and I say that because someone started a rumor that they "drug" children so parents don't have to "deal" with them, as you said, and etc. This is SO NOT TRUE also!

    when my Daughter started Kindergarten 11 years ago, she was noticed struggling with what we all hear about—– not paying attention in class, mind wandering, etc. according to her Teacher at that time. well, this situation persisted and finally they had to have someone from the District come in and "monitor" my Daughter's behavior!
    I was informed of this all along and I tried to excuse it, and follow the lines of others saying it was doctors just wanting to make more money, unnecessarily drug children, etc.

    In time I found out that I was thinking in the wrong direction, because my kid's performance was affecting her learning and all those things we worry about so, having Ins. for my Family I saw Specialists who did careful screening, from Physicals to questionnaires, to one on one visual testing by a Certified Dr. in this area through a learning Center and come to find out, a Disorder was discovered.!
    There you have it! Doctors don't JUST medicate nor overmedicate children! The disorders are taken seriously and they have a job to check out these types of problems!
    You get parents who are way over with Pride that nothing can be wrong with their kid, BUT it isn't anything to be afraid of! Any child in question of odd behavior deserves a good "going over" and if there isn't a problem, at least it was addressed and a parent can feel good about it!
    It's just doing NOTHING and hiding behind self-pride that makes people afraid of "going to the source", but from experience, I say it is better to know than not know and live with a child who can self-destruct without the proper medical help!

    So tell your Friends and non-believers that I'd be glad to start a Crusade that Mental Disorders are for REAL and I have many others who would back me too!

    Thank you for your outstanding question on Answers!

  3. patrick o Says:

    apart from people who have genuine doubts as to it's existence and precise form,there is a school of thought summarised as 'it's not happening to me,so it's convenient for me to pretend you don't have and it does not exist'-i was quite shocked when people told me to pull myself together when i said i was suffering from the symptoms and complications of diabetes and especially so when these people were doctors.My mother does the reverse thing as she is deaf and refuses to accept that sounds that she cannot hear do exist-result the tv is so loud that you can't stay-of course you cannot experience what another person is feeong and of course sometimes they are faking but what can you do when people call you a liar?and what can you do with these people?