Why do they say stress is a factor of a heart attack?

We know that if a piece of plaque blocks one of the coronary arteries it can cause a heart attack. Why does however a factor here? Does it constrict the coronary arteries when u have it?

2 Responses to “Why do they say stress is a factor of a heart attack?”

  1. Vanes Says:

    No, it does not constrist your arteries. Oh well, in a way yes. When you’re stressed your blood pressure goes up, as well as your hear rate, which is an adrenergic effect, normal body response to stress. If you have high cholesterol, you probably have plaques inside and along the arteries that can more rapidly break because of continuous elevated arterial pressure and fast heart rate. This thrombus can then travel and occlude a coronary artery. So, stress is a risk factor for heart attack, this in combination with other risk factors.

  2. cowboydoc Says:

    Yes (coronary arteries) it does, I had my first heart attack due to this. I found out I had Ryads syndrome, it also include constriction of the arteries.