Why is the treatment for ADHD a stimulant drug?

Hello!! we are trying to calm my stepson down not give him a drug to make his hyperactivity worse. He has been prescribed Certera which is a stimulant. I have read the drug produces a chemical change in the brain to help with the imbalance. I understand that but the biggest side effect of the drug is hyperactivity. Am I the only one who thinks this is madness?

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  1. b2_or_not_b2 Says:

    ADHD is caused by a 'deficit' in the 'attention' span of a person. What the stimulant (like amphetamine) does is to stimulate the brain and thereby increase its attention span.

    That is the reason why apmhetamine is also abused by people to improve their concentration and reduce their need for sleep prior to an exam.

    The increased physical activity which is seen with ADHD is because of the decreased attention span, the person cant stay focussed and do one thing- he/she constantly shifts from one task to the other and cant sit still. Hence children with this disorder are unable to study and their academic performance suffers.

    With the improved attention span with amphetamine, the person can focus on one task longer, although it also increases the ability of a person to stay awake longer without fatiguing easily.

  2. DigDug Says:

    there's a reaosn for it, and if you really want to know you'll look it up. it's because of the imbalance that certain levels need to be topped off by introducing larger amounts of certain chemicals. also, this is the reason we shouldn't be turning to drugs for these "disorders". check the parenting, diet, exercise, and tv habits of these kids.

  3. Jake59 Says:

    If you have true ADHD the meds work the opposite in the brain this is the basic answers. What would give you more energy like that stimulant, it slow us down. For those that just say a change in diet might work, it won't. Maybe need to understand that ADD and ADHD, it is just like having a TV on with 100 channels on at the same time, there is way to much information moving through the brain. That is why med help control this noise in the brain to single channel.

  4. onanutmission Says:

    who knows?I tell my psychiatrist whats going on with me and he increases my dosage.Go figure.