Why when I took ritalin it acted more like a tranquiliser than a stimulant?

When taking the drug I felt drowsy and more sleepy than normal. It was as if my brain had been slowed right down. This was prescribed by a dr after a diagnosis of ADHD.

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  1. Jonathan K Says:

    the affects of drugs depend on the drug and the quantity of that drug comsumed, all drugs are stimulants and then in higher doses, the act as depressants…who told you you were adhd? your doctor? that is one wack doctor….adhd is an invented brain imbalance which has no science behind it originating from psychiatry, which itself is a total scam and pseudo science, it presents itself as a science but it aint…take another look..where did this idea that there was any such thing as a brain imbalance come from and then look who is supplying an apparant solution!!!! biggest scam in the world not to mention drug dealers, anyway for more information on drugs in general and how the behave, check out:


  2. JOHN B Says:

    That is what it is meant to do.

  3. pauls-mrs to be Says:

    because that is what it does. it helps calm the person, it only acts as a stimulant to those without adhd as it has a different effect on the brain due to adhd sufferers having missing chemicals in the brain it has a calming effect

  4. Yvonne R Says:

    don’t know how the science bit works but–ritalin is a stimulant (it’s speed) and what it actually does is to stimulate the bits of brain workings that are NOT hyperactive thereby getting everything in sync i.e the bit of the brain which is overworking is now running at the same speed as the rest.

    very laymans terms but it’s the best i can do with my limited brain power.
    don’ t know why you are feeling drowsy though but perhaps it’s a side effect but saying that i knew a boy on ritalin–he was on 100mg per day–and he was quite subdued and almost sleepy.

  5. jenyzmcc Says:

    It is not a stimulant, that would just make the ADHD sufferer worse. It is supposed to calm them and make them feel like they do not need to act so hyper, helping them concentrate better.

  6. Outsider Says:

    Yvonne has it spot on, Ritalin stimulates the parts of the brain which are connected with concentration and ability to focus on goal-directed activities. You should find that as your body gets used to the drug you will be able to function better.