Will acai berry pills cause me to lose weight?

I bought some Acai berry pills because I had heard so many things about them having all these antioxidants and healthy vitamins and such. However when I brought the bottle home, it said "diet supplement" on the bottle. I am very skinny and actually looking to put on some muscle. The last thing I need to do is lose any type of weight. However im not sure if these pills will actually cause that to happen. I guess my real question is can I recieve all the health benefits of the acai berry pills without losing any weight? All answers are appreciated.

2 Responses to “Will acai berry pills cause me to lose weight?”

  1. Sharon T Says:

    They will cause your wallet to lose weight.

  2. lee Says:

    Research has shown consumption of Acai berry fruit, in liquid juice or powder form is linked to a boost in energy levels, that can help you burn fat giving you a fuller feeling so you do not indulge in eating, another property is that Acia berry fruit also suppress the appetite