www.angioprim.com Are the claims really true? Partly true? Untrue?

I went to


They claim this prodcuts dissolves arterial plaque are cures much heart desease. Is this true? Does the stuff work? If so, why aren't more MDs using it? Are they that invested in angioplasts, the operation, which I know for a fact close up again 1/2 the time!

This product claims to dissolve arterial calcium and thereby unclog arterail walls which is really the main cause of arterial plaque and heart disease…

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  1. imhm2004 Says:

    my dear the answer is there in the site itself as to why it is not manufactured or prescribed! I am putting it under quotes do read on ……..

    "Many people ask why haven't they heard of this therapy before and why is there no FDA approval? The answer is simple, the patent on the chemicals for chelation therapy have expired many years ago and it is unlikely that a pharmaceutical company would invest the millions of dollars needed to get FDA approval without patent protection. There is also some skepticism among doctors because no major pharmaceutical company promotes this product. The patent laws in America protect a patent holder for 16 to 20 years on new patents and procedures. The patent holder has the right to exclusively manufacture for resale that product. Without a patent there is not much restriction and usually no big profit."

    The whole of pharma industry is for the profit only and does not give a hoot if it helps you or not…… hence no big profits means no promotion of the medicine.

  2. Mike Says:

    In response to the first poster…

    Really? Don't you think *any* product which could add years of life would be hugely popular?? Think of all the products out there that aren't protected by patents (um… oil?) yet companies make billions of dollars off of.

    Rule of thumb: If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

  3. milo Says:

    my Doctor who proscribed statins never mentioned the heart damages they cause by depleating the coq10 produced by the body, that i read about being needed everywhere? and i wondered about the moneys they make and are spent with medicalizationing the heart disease patients and the hospital rooms sold to patients?. how tho does one trust the rumored bribe paying for approvals, drug companys or the bribe from drug companys doctors whose educational informations at schools were inserted by payments from drug companys…..

  4. milo Says:

    where did anyone learn thus to trust?